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Insulation, Synthetic Insulation

In general, synthetic fiber insulation works in the same way as down - through a lot of air within the insulation a very effective heat retention is achieved. For this, the insulation is processed between 2 layers of fabric, that protect it from the in and outside. Indeed, even the best synthetic insulation does not quite reach the values of weight-to-heat ratio and pack size like down. However, it has its own advantages: Synthetic fiber insulation is significantly less sensitive, dries faster and still retains its loft in wet conditions without losing its thermal properties. Additionally, it can be processed easier than down. This makes it a popular all-rounder for winter clothing, as well as sleeping bags and quilts that will also work in humid conditions. For an optimal and individually fitting sewing result, we offer different types and thicknesses of synthetic insulations, which also can be combined in sever-al layers.