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Spacer Fabrics, 3D-mesh

3D-meshes, often referred to as spacer fabric, will offer a perfect combination of cushioning and good ventilation. For 3D-meshes, two nets or even a net and a fabric are kept at a distance by a knit of strong threads. This gives the 3D-mesh its open structure through which air can circulate very well. Various materials and constructions can influence the properties of 3D-meshes: they are available in different thicknesses, with different pressure sensitivities, elastic or inelastic, with different top fabrics and in different colors. 3D- meshes are suitable for the airy padding of the back or the straps on backpacks and bags, as seat cushions, for ventilating mattresses or underlays, as lightweight and airy protection of technical equipment, as bandages, as protectors and much more.