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FAQ - Questions about the online shop

Are the articles from our assortment available at any time?

This is very different. The product range of extremtextil is formed by many specialties, which often cannot be reordered from a wholesaler without problems. Articles with the feature "standard article", on the other hand, can usually be reordered without any problems. If it is important that the article is still available at a later date (e.g. for the production of a prototype), please contact us.

Is there also a print catalogue of the extremtextil range?

Unfortunately, no. The product range changes regularly, so a paper catalogue would become outdated far too quickly.

Are articles by the meter delivered in one piece?

Fabric and zipper by the meter are usually delivered in one piece. If this is not possible, we will ask you in advance if delivery in single pieces is possible. Ribbons, webbing, cords and velcro tapes, if they are not available in one piece, are delivered from 10m in a maximum of 2 pieces.

What colors are available?

In general, all colors are available that are indicated in the options for an article. Unfortunately, the images are often not up to date and therefore do not always indicate the available colors.

Is it also possible to order other colors of the articles?

As a rule, only the colors offered in the store are available. Special colors are only available in larger quantities, if at all. If you are interested, please ask.

Is there a minimum length for articles sold by the meter?

The minimum length is 0.5 running meters. Quantities over 0.5m can be ordered in 10cm steps. For some articles there is still the possibility to order small quantities (50cm x 50cm) or 0.1m for Melco and Super Repair Tape .

Is there a minimum order value?

No. There is no minimum order value.

Are fabrics from different deliveries (e.g. reorders) always exactly identical?

If fabrics and ribbons come from different productions (partly also from different rolls), there may be slight differences in color or feel. If an article has changed a lot, it is usually pointed out in the article description.

Can the fabric I ordered be cut into individual pieces?

No. Extremtextil does not offer a cut-to-size service.

How precise are the color names?

Color names always indicate only the approximate shade, there is no separate name for each color shade. Therefore, olive does not always look the same or a fabric labeled red may have a different shade than, for example, red sewing thread. If needed, feel free to ask if colors match. Or you can simply order samples of the fabrics.