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Tyvek, Tyvek hardstructure

Hardstructure Tyvek, with its solid, paper-like handle, is often used for envelopes or as waterproof writing paper. Unlike softstructure, hardstructure Tyvek has a firmer grip and a smooth surface, but is just as tear-resistant, waterproof and breathable. The compressed polyethylene fibers from which it is made, give the material a slight, optical pattern. It is very easy to cut, fold, glue and sew and is therefore suitable for many MYOG and DIY projects. You can simply paint and print on it - so you can give your design a very special, individual touch. One more hint: The structure of hardstructure Tyvek is permanently changed by wrinkles. It therefore becomes softer and more "wrinkled" over time, but that is a desirable effect and gives the material an appealing used-look.