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Neoprene, 3mm Neoprene

The 3mm thick neoprene is probably the most versatile neoprene style. It is a good compromise between elasticity, cushioning, insulation, easy processing and weight and therefore suitable for a wide range of application. It is perfect for waterproof, shock-absorbing protection for laptops, smartphones or other devices, as insulating cover for cups and bottles, for wetsuits, swimwear and much more. From this popular 3mm-thickness we have different options of surfaces in our range: a non-laminated surface for good slip-resistance or for larger surface adhesions and neoprene with a skin-friendly jersey surface or with Armatex for usages with higher stress. The 3mm neoprene is perfect to be glued edge to edge, but can also be sewn together. You can order neoprene as sheet from us. Either as complete sheet of 130x220cm or in smaller sections derived from it.