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ULTRA 100, backpack-laminate with UHMWPE, 99g/sqm

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When folded for shipping the laminate will get permanent folding marks. This does not affect the technical properties. If you wish to receive the material without folding marks, please choose "shipping on the roll" during checkout.

72445 72445.STRMGREY

Product information

ULTRA 100, backpack-laminate with UHMWPE, 99g/sqm

With the ULTRA laminates, Challenge Sailcloth is launching a new high-performance backpack laminate. The ULTRA laminates have a 2-layer structure: On the outside is a fabric made of high-strength UHMWPE fibres and polyester. UHMWPE fibres are currently considered the non-plus-ultra in terms of tear strength and abrasion resistance and are also known as Dyneema®, Spectra® or Tsuunoga®. A matt, thin, waterproof polyester film is laminated to the inside. Due to the high proportion of 67% UHMWPE fibres, even the lightweight ULTRA versions achieve technical values in terms of abrasion resistance and tear strength that do not need to hide behind much stronger Cordura® fabrics. The polyester film ensures that ULTRA is reliably waterproof and has very good dimensional stability. The range of use is determined by the strength of the outer fabric and the associated abrasion and tear resistance.

When developing the ULTRA laminates, Challenge Sailcloth focused on sustainability in addition to performance:

- The PES film used is made of 100% recycled polyester from post-consumer PET bottles.

- Recycled polyester is used for the polyester content in the outer fabric, depending on market availability. If you value guaranteed 100% recycling, we recommend the ECOPAK® laminates from Challenge Sailcloth.

- Only FC-free C0 impregnations are used.

- No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are used in the production of ULTRA, and all adhesives are solvent-free.

- Thanks to an innovative production process, energy-intensive drying processes during lamination are reduced

ULTRA 100 uses a blend of 100den UHMWPE fibres and polyester for the outer fabric. Thanks to the very high proportion of 67% UHMWPE fibres, this achieves maximum abrasion resistance, tear strength and durability for the weight of 99g/sqm. This blend is combined with a matt, waterproof and UV-stable 0.5mil polyester film on the inside. The result is the ultimate ultra-lightweight backpacking fabric - at less than 100g/sqm, it has twice the tear strength and twice the abrasion resistance of 500den Cordura®! Places with heavy punctual stress such as shoulder strap attachments or daisy chains should be backed with an extra layer of fabric to prevent tearing.

Short info

Range of Application: Backpack
Properties: fast drying, FC-free impregnation, high abrasion resistant, impregnated, inelastic, Recycling, ultralight, waterproof (more than 5000mm), windproof, PFC-free C0 impregnation
Stock Options: Complete rolls available from stock, Standard article
Colour: Outer has a blend of black and white fibers, back is matt-transparent
Country of origin: CN

Technical specifications

Coating: membran, 0,5mil UV-resistant recycling PET film
Fabric Construction: laminate
Weight (g/qm): 99g/qm
Material: Polyester (PES), UHMW-PE, 100den UHMWPE/polyester blend (67% UHMWPE/33% polyester)
Roll Width (mm): 1470mm
Water Column (mm): 140.000mm
Weight: 99g/qm bzw. 2,92oz/sqyd
Tear Strength Warp/Fill (ASTM D2261): 69,4lb/89,6lb
Hydrostatic head (psi/bar): 200+/13,8+
Abrasion (ASTM 3884): 3.600 cycles
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