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Sustainability is now (fortunately!) a big issue for many companies. Of course, we also deal with it intensively. How can we operate extremtextil and keep the biological footprint as small as possible? Many fundamental decisions were already made in the early stages - for example, the consistent use of paper, address stickers and cardboard boxes made of recycled material, electricity from green electricity suppliers and cooperation preferably with suppliers from Europe. Over the years, extremtextil grew and so did its responsibility. And new opportunities have arisen to reduce the impact on the climate and the environment. At the moment, we are focusing on the following measures:

Green Planet Energy (formerly Greenpeace Energy) as electricity and gas supplier: The electricity we purchase from Green Planet Energy comes 100% from a mix of water and wind energy. By purchasing Green Planet wind gas, we support the innovative wind gas technology. For proWindgas, gas is generated from unused electricity from wind farms. In addition, the storability of renewable energies is promoted. Unlike biogas, this does not indirectly support intensive livestock farming or convert landscapes into monocultures.

Recycling material: Whether invoice paper, address stickers, flyers or envelopes. Paper is used as far as possible in recycled form, chlorine-free bleached.

Shipping cartons: The cartons we use are also largely made of recycled paper and cardboard - if possible from manufacturers in our vicinity, with short transport routes.

Climate-neutral hosting: Our provider relies on hydropower. The complete energy requirement for the operation of the servers is covered by a hydroelectric power station in the Eiffel.

Sustainable banking: Since 2012, we have been using Triodos Bank for all banking activities that do not involve incoming payments from customers. This means that we can be sure that the money and fees will only be used for ecologically and ethically sound projects. From January 2020, we will also offer this account for customer payments.

Climate-neutral shipping: We deliberately do without the "climate-neutral shipping" label from DHL or GLS. Instead of co-financing dubious projects to offset CO2 emissions or the ecological reorientation of companies that goes without saying through intermediary companies, we directly support various initiatives with 1% of our sales. The majority goes to "Rettet den Regewald" (Save the rainforest), which works worldwide in close cooperation with local partners to preserve the rainforest. The independent association supports local people in their efforts to preserve the regular forest or buys rainforest areas directly in order to protect them from deforestation. As the preservation of the oceans and their inhabitants is also close to our hearts, we also support the environmental organisation SeaShepperds. In the meantime we also support Sea-Watch e.V. and Pro Asyl.

The assortment: Admittedly, outdoor fabrics are not among the most environmentally friendly products. Production, transport and disposal have a significant impact on the environment. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of alternatives that offer the same performance as synthetic fibre or chemical products. Our purchase quantities are clearly too small to have a major influence on manufacturers and producers when it comes to using and developing more environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, we welcome the rethink in the industry. Naturally we pay attention also now to a meaningful and as little as possible the environment loading composition of the assortment. For example, we are trying to offer alternatives to PVC, continue to source materials from Europe as far as possible and, if possible, transport them by ship rather than by air, which is particularly harmful to the climate.

And finally: DIY as sustainability! Those who sew themselves live more sustainably and don't let anyone work for them in the sweatshop. The distances that a product rolls onto a roll or disassembles into individual parts in a carton are shorter and more effective.