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Paint protection film, glossy, tranparent, 3M™ 8592, thickness 0,2mm, width 120mm

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Product information

Paint protection film, glossy, tranparent, 3M™ 8592, thickness 0,2mm, width 120mm

Self-adhesive paint protection film 8592 from 3M™ in transparent, glossy finish and 0.2mm thickness as 120mm wide meter-goods. This protective film is perfect for protecting the paint of glossy painted bikes or other metal surfaces without affecting the look and appearance of the bike. The smooth, compact polyurethane (PU) surface is highly resistant to scratches, stone chips, abrasion or dirt - typical impacts that can damage paint. When used with bikepacking bags, the film protects against scratches and abrasions caused by sand or dirt between the paint and the bag. As a chain guard, it protects the chainstay from scratches and gouges. On every gravel and mountain bike tour on loose surfaces, the film protects against stone and pebble impact. It also protects the paint from weathering, stains, paint damage from falls or damage when the bike is parked.

The PU film is long lasting and UV stable, the acrylic adhesive used adheres to many solid surfaces as long as they are clean and free of grease and oil. The film is suitable for wet bonding. Thanks to the high elasticity of the film, it adapts well to different shapes. Since the film comes with a removable paper backing, it can be easily cut to the desired shape and applied to different parts of the frame and fork.

We offer the film in 2 thicknesses. This version with a thickness of 0.2mm is the thinner version for protection against lighter mechanical loads at lower weight. We recommend this thickness e.g. for scratch protection when bikepacking or as cable protection. For heavier loads such as stone chips or similar, we recommend the self-adhesive paint protection film 8591 from 3M™ in 0.35mm thickness. For the protection of matt surfaces we offer the "Paint protection film, matt, transparent, 3M™ Scotchguard™ 94560, thickness 0.2mm, width 120mm".

Short info

Range of Application: cycle trailer, Abrasion protection, stone chip protection, frame protection, keel protection
Stock Options: Standard article
Note: Adheres only to clean, smooth surfaces, preferably primarily painted surfaces.
Notes on processing: The 3M™ Paint Protection Film 8592 is best applied by wet bonding. For this purpose, the surface must be free of dust and grease (pre-cleaning with isopropanol or rubbing alcohol recommended). Then spray the surface with water with a drop of washing-up liquid. Then peel off the backing film and spray the paint protection film on the adhesive side with water. Now the film can be carefully placed. Work piece by piece and press on with suitable tools (pressure roller, chip card, thumb, etc.). If bubbles form, the film can still be removed briefly in the wet state in order to be repositioned. Full adhesion is achieved only after 24 hours. The film can be removed by heat without leaving any residue.
Designation: This film is also known as 8592E or PU8592E
Country of origin: DE

Technical specifications

Thickness (mm): 0.2mm
Weight (g/m): 40.1g/m
Roll Width (mm): 120mm
Film thickness: 0.2mm (incl. adhesive film)
Tensile strength: >2500N/cm²
Adhesive: acrylate based adhesive
Carrier: paper
Final strength: after 24h
Storage: 12 months without loss of adhesion in dry and clean environment at 15°C- 25°C. Avoid direct sunlight
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