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Machine needles with flat shank/Super Stretch 5x65

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Product information

Machine needles with flat shank/Super Stretch 5x65

Super-stretch sewing machine needles with flat shank for domestic sewing machines. Super-stretch needles are equipped with a widened eye and a reinforced shank. This prevents skipped stitches even in highly elastic fabrics. Thanks to the reinforced shank, there is less needle breakage and straight stitches. Because the Super-Stretch needles have a wider and shorter eye and a widened thread groove, they can be used with thicker sewing threads. The cove design creates a larger needle thread loop that is more easily gripped by the hook. This prevents skipped stitches even with highly elastic fabrics. A chrome coating increases resistance to wear.

The special design also makes this needle particularly suitable for sewing neoprene and other foam fabrics.

The medium ball point (SUK) is more rounded than the small ball point. This is why it is used for knitwear and materials with Lycra or Spandex. Also particularly suitable for medium to heavy denim.

- wider and shorter eye

- reinforced shank

- Chrome coating to prevent wear

- For sewing with thicker threads

- As an alternative to stretch needles

- For elastic materials and highly elastic knitted fabrics

- For neoprene and thin foam

- Also suitable for overlock machines

Short info

Stock Options: Standard article
Content: Package with 5 needles - 5x65
Manufacturer: Groz-Beckert or Schmetz
Country of origin: IN

Technical specifications

Needle system: HAx1 SP
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