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Tents / Tarps

4-season dome tent made of 40den silnylon

This 4-season dome tent in grey, silicone-coated ripstop nylon was created over a period of approx. 3 years
Tents / Tarps

Snow pegs

And sometimes sand pegs ....
Tents / Tarps

Silnylon tipi

As light as possible, as wind-stable as possible and simply constructed - these were the requirements for the new shelter.
Tents / Tarps

Silnylon tarp

Simply put, the tarp is just a rectangle of fabric with a few guy lines. But...
Tents / Tarps

Cotton tipi

Tipi, lavuu, kothe - whatever it's called, we call it tipi.
Tents / Tarps

D.C.F. - sun protection

Since the cotton tipi was already heavy enough during the tour in Jordan, the additional sun protection could not weigh much...