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Fibertec Textile Guard Pro-X, spray-on impregnation, 200ml

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Fibertec Textile Guard Pro-X, spray-on impregnation, 200ml

Fibertec Textile Guard Pro-X is a concentrated special impregnation that contains an entirely new fluorine agent that is significantly more environmentally safe than customary fluorine impregnations. It generates a constantly water-repellent impregnation on all functional materials such as Gore-Tex® and other fabrics. Fibertec Textile Guard Pro-X is water and also oil-repellent and stain-resistant. It does not reduce the breathability of functional materials such as Gore-Tex® and does not contain propellants. It also does not contain PFOS or PFOA and is not bioaccumulative.


Application: First wash clothes with Fibertec Pro Wash and let the clothes dry. Shake can before using. Spray the dry clothes evenly with Blue Guard Textile while outdoors. Let clothing dry outdoors for min. 12 hours. To optimise the impregnation effect, after drying put the clothes in a tumble dryer for 30minutes at normal temperature. Alternatively impregnation may also be optimized with an iron. Iron the textile at level 1 (silk or synthetics). Do not put a piece of cloth between the iron and the textile.

Content: 200ml in spray on bottle (propellant-free)

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Anwendungshinweise: Kleidung zuvor mit Fibertec Pro Wash waschen und anschliessend trocknen lassen. Vor Gebrauch Dose gut schuetteln. Trockene Bekleidung im Freien gleichmaessig mit Blue Guard Textile einspruehen. Bekleidung an einem gut beluefteten Ort (im Freien) mindestens 12 Stunden trocknen lassen. Fuer eine optimale Wirksamkeit der Impraegnierung die Bekleidung nach dem Trocknen fuer 30 Minuten bei normaler Temperatur in einen Waeschetrockner geben. Alternativ kann die Impraegnierung nach dem Trocknen auch mit einem Buegeleisen optimiert werden. Hierzu das Textil bei Stufe 1 (Seide oder Synthetik) buegeln. Dabei kein Tuch zwischen Buegeleisen und Textil legen.
Inhalt: 200ml im Pumpzerstaeuber (treibgasfrei)
Country of origin: DE

Technical specifications

Content (ml): 200ml

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