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Nets and Meshes, PVC-Mesh

For PVC nets, the original synthetic fiber net is coated and covered with a thick layer of PVC. This results in a particularly strong, tear and UV resistant and stable in form mesh that is perfect for long lasting outdoor use: As a seat cover or upholstery for garden furniture, as sun or privacy screen, as wind protection in the garden or terrace as well as an air permeable cover or the like. PVC mesh is optimized in the production process for a variety of applications. Therefore, please pay attention to the instructions described at the article page.

PVC-net, Batyline ISO 26, 500g/sqm
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Farbe blau
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Art.-Nr.: 71584
PVC-net, Batyline ISO 26, 500g/sqm
34,90 EUR * /Meter
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