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Lining Fabric, Waterproof Lining

A waterproof lining actually has the same function and construction as a breathable, waterproof lam-inate: a thin membrane blocks water or rain, but allows moisture in the form of water vapor to get to the outside. In the case of a lining laminate, the membrane is not laminated to the outer fabric, but to a moisture wicking lining material. The membrane then lies to the inside of the outer fabric and is protected by it against mechanical stress from the outside. So uncoated fabrics can be upgraded to wind- and waterproof garments when using a waterproof lining. Such a lining can also be sewn loosely to the inside of already existing non-functional jackets, coats, sweaters or pants made of cotton, wool or knit fabrics. If you want a really waterproof sewing result, you can seal the seams with seam tape.