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Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2K.18, 34g/sqm

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When folding the laminate into a carton it will get permanent folding marks that don't affect the technical properties. If you wish to receive the material without folding marks, please choose "shipping on the roll" during checkout. DCF is still folded all 9m during production so those marks can't be avoided.

71711 71711.SW

Product information

Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2K.18, 34g/sqm

Cuben fiber has a new name: "Dyneema® Composite Fabric"! The material is the same as before, but besides the new name we can now offer it as a distributor for DSM in far more styles and colours and at much better conditions!

Dyneema® Composite Fabrics is a performance laminate, that was originally invented for high-end cruising sails. The concept is well known in the sailing-industry: Strong fibers are being laminated between two carriers. What makes DCF special are the ultra-strong Dyneema®-fibres that are used. Dyneema® combines extremely high tear-strength with ultralight weight. Not without reason it is called "The world's strongest fiber"! Due to the unique properties of the fibers, DCF is far more tear-resistant than other fabrics of the same weight, it is highly waterproof, doesn't stretch, is resistant to folding, doesn't soak water, is UV- and chemical-resistant. The application range is determined by the amount of Dyneema®-fibers and various carrier materials that are used. The standard Dyneema® Composite Fabrics have a smooth Polyester-film on each side that makes it highly waterproof and can be easily glued. So-called HYBRIDs widen the application range by using different additional layers like woven fabrics, membranes or glues to optimize it for special applications like backpacks or breathable garments.

The DCF style CT2K.18 uses a slightly thicker, transparent Mylar film as carrier than the lighter styles. This makes it more resistant to abrasion and is suitable for extra durable tarps and tents or for super-ultralight backpacks or for stuffsacks. It's also a good option for reinforcements. This is a quite heavy version for application with big areas of fabric like tarps or tents, for this application we recommend the lighter styles Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT1E.08 with 18g/sqm or Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2K.18 with 26g/sqm. For lightweight backpacks we recommend the heavier Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT5K.18 with 50g/sqm.

Short info

Range of Application: Backpack, Tarp/Tent
Properties: inelastic, ultralight, UV-stable, waterproof (more than 5000mm)
Stock Options: Standard article
Processing: Dyneema® Composite Fabric is very lightweight and tear-resistant but also very thin. Hence it is prone to abrasion and should be handled with care. Due to the compact construction, it is very easy to work with DCF. It can be easily folded, doesn't stretch or fray and can be easily glued. But please see the recommendations for cutting. For the versions with two film-layers like CT2K.18 we recommend gluing for the seams. The seam can also be sewn additionally. But to prevent the laminate to be perforated, the stitching distance should not be less than 3mm. We recommend to apply an extra tape for reinforcements on sewn seams. We offer several adhesive tapes for gluing Dyneema® Composite Fabric.
Cutting: We recommend micro-serrated scissors when cutting fabrics with Dyneema®. Scissors with normal cutting blades cut this material poorly and quickly become blunt. Heat-cutting with a heat-cutter is also possible.
Construction: Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT5K.18 consist of cross- and lengthwise Dyneema®-treads that are heatpressed between two layers of a transparent polyester-film. The result is a permanently bonded, half-transparent, waterproof laminate with a slightly structured, but smooth surface. Regular folding whitens and softens the fabric which does not affect the technical properties.
Colours: Only the coloured Dyneema®-threads give the fabric the colour. Since the threads do not cover the whole surface, all colours remain in a light tone and the fabric stays semi-transparent.
Please note: Due to it's unique production process, DCF can contain stains, stripes, dots, variations in weaving or slight folding marks. This is more visible in the coloured versions. Since this doesn't affect the technical properties, this is not an error.
Export regulations: Dyneema Composite Fabrics are held together by a proprietary polymer matrix. The fabric is subject to the regulations of the United States Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and is classified Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 1C990. At the date of this end-user statement, these fabrics, or final items containing these fabrics are not allowed to be (re)exported to North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba and Sudan. In addition, these items are restricted from being supplied for military end-use to Russia, Venezuela and China. Violation of these restrictions may lead to criminal prosecution under United States Law.
Country of origin: US

Technical specifications

Fabric Construction: Folie, laminate
Weight (g/qm): 34g/qm
Material: Dyneema, Polyester (PES)
Roll Width (mm): 1370mm
Water Column (mm): 20.000mm
Tensile stregth warp/weft: 911N/5cm
Tear stregth warp/weft: 93N
Weight: 34g/qm / 1.0oz/yd²
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