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Shoelaces, Round

Round laces are quite classic for tying and lacing shoes, whether as an exchange of worn laces or for your own, self-made shoes. We offer the round laces in the diameters of 3mm and 5mm, in a soft and a firmer version. Thanks to the high standard of the industry quality and the robust polyester used in manufacturing, the laces are highly abrasion resistant, UV-stable and tear resistant - and therefore also suitable for many other applications, e.g. as drawstring on clothing or backpacks. All laces are braided without core and are therefore soft to the touch, slightly stretchy and very flexible. More cords can be found in the category Cords, Ropes and Lines.

Shoelace-cord, polyester, tough touch, 3mm
Farbe schwarz
Farbe petrol/violett/türkis
Farbe schwarz/braun
Farbe schwarz/grau/weiss
Art.-Nr.: 71603
Shoelace-cord, polyester, tough touch, 3mm
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