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Elastic Cords, Up to 2mm Diameter

Thin, elastic cord up to 2mm diameter is suitable for rather light use - if only a little tension emerges or the fabrics used with the cord are lightweight and thin. It is ideal e.g. for the hood on ultralight garment, as 2.5-layer rain jackets or wind shirts made from fabrics up to 100g/sqm. Thanks to the durable polyester coat, the elastic cords with 2mm width are still sufficiently stable for demanding applications. Without exception, we rely on proven industrial quality - so you can be sure that the cords retain their elasticity over a long period of time and withstand adverse environmental conditions.

Elastic Cord, 2mm, round
Farbe schwarz
Farbe aubergine
Farbe azurblau
Farbe braun
Art.-Nr.: 70279
Elastic Cord, 2mm, round
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