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COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium
COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium
COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium
COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium
open front
COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium
open back
COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium
Colour foliage green

COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium

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Product information

COBRA side release buckle, 45mm, CNC 7075 aluminium

The COBRA buckles by AustriAlpin are a range of high-quality fasteners that fulfil highest safety standards while still looking very stylish. They are used in a wide range of sport- and safetyequipment but also make a nice gadget on everyday garments like bags, packs or belts. All fasteners are made in austria out of highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy and feature solid brass and stainless internal release mechanisms. They exceed Mil Spec guidelines for dust / sand / salt water as well as CE, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards. This strong side-release buckle only opens when both release latches are pressed and it never opens under load. The webbing can be adjusted on one side with an inserted slider, on the other side it has to be sewn on. Suitable for 45mm-webbing.


Improved PRO-STYLE closure: The new closure of the COBRA PRO-STYLE allows easier locking of the main and push part. This is confirmed acoustically by a clearly audible click. A one-sided snapping is almost impossible. When closed, the PRO STYLE COBRAs are characterized by a high degree of flexibility between the male part and the female part. In the maximum position, the pushing part mechanically blocks the opening mechanism. As a result, no unwanted opening can occur even in this extreme position.

New design of the PRO-STYLE embossing: The plus in safety and functionality is underlined visually by a rounded contour and a fine embossing.

Cut-out on the back of PRO-STYLE buckles: A larger cut-out on the back allows dirt, dust, ice and snow to escape more easily. This increases the functionality and longevity of the COBRA PRO-STYLE buckle.

Compatibility: COBRA PRO STYLE is not compatible with COBRA ORIGINAL!

Thickness: 1cm

Length: 6cm

Width: 5cm

Breaking load: 9kn / 918kg

Short info

Stock Options: Standard article
Verbesserter PRO-STYLE Verschluss: Der neue Verschluss der COBRA PRO-STYLE erlaubt ein leichteres Einrasten von Haupt- und Schubteil. Dies wird akustisch durch ein deutlich hoerbares Klicken bestaetigt. Ein einseitiges Einrasten ist nahezu unmoeglich. Im geschlossenen Zustand zeichnen sich die PRO STYLE COBRAs durch eine sehr hohe Beweglichkeit zwischen Schubteil (male part) und Hauptteil (female part) aus. In der Maximalstellung blockiert das Schubteil den Oeffnungsmechanismus mechanisch. Dadurch kann es auch in dieser Extremposition zu keiner ungewollten Oeffnung kommen.
Neues Design der PRO-STYLE-Praegung: Das Plus an Sicherheit und Funktionalitaet wird optisch durch eine abgerundete Kontur und eine feine Praegung unterstrichen.
Ausfraesung auf der Rueckseite der PRO-STYLE-Schnallen: Durch eine groessere Ausfraesung auf der Rueckseite koennen Schmutz, Staub, Eis und Schnee leichter entweichen. Dies erhoeht die Funktionstuechtigkeit und Langlebigkeit der COBRA PRO-STYLE Schnalle.
Kompatibilitaet: COBRA PRO STYLE ist nicht mit COBRA ORIGINAL kompatibel!
Country of origin: AT

Technical specifications

Weight (g/Stk): 67g/Stk
Material Components: Aluminium
Matching Webbing: 45mm

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