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Grossgrain Ribbon, Up tp 20mm Width

Sometimes you just need a tiny little strap to put the finishing touches to your equipment. Therefore, we have the light, thin grosgrain ribbons already from a width of 3mm in our assortment. In addition to this very thin ribbon you will also find smaller widths with 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm within this category. These widths match with our small components, so that you easily can find the right buckle, D-ring, T-bar or cord lock to attach. The 20mm ribbon is also suitable for edge binding on thinner fabrics. Other braids for edge binding in different widths and thicknesses can be found in the category Braids for Edge Binding.

Grossgrain ribbon, Polyester, 20mm
Farbe schwarz
Farbe blassgelb
Farbe braungrün
Farbe farngrün
Art.-Nr.: 70398
Grossgrain ribbon, Polyester, 20mm
0,50 EUR * /Meter
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