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Grossgrain Ribbon, 25mm Width

The 25mm wide grosgrain ribbon is a great choice for fixating edges from medium to thicker fabrics. With 25mm width you have enough space for the stitches and it is much easier to handle than with a smaller braid. Grosgrain ribbon has a finely ribbed structure, is very flexible and therefore folds easily around edges. In addition to the use as an edging tape, it is also suitable for many other applications: e.g. as light mounting, for soft loops or as lightweight version instead a webbing. Because the 25mm ribbon is often used as a design element, we offer it in a wide range of colors.

Grossgrain ribbon, Polyester, 25mm
Farbe schwarz
Farbe blassgelb
Farbe braungrün
Farbe farngrün
Art.-Nr.: 70399
Grossgrain ribbon, Polyester, 25mm
0,60 EUR * /Meter
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