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Security-webbing, Polyester, 50mm

Product no.: 70518

1,40 EUR /meter

19 % VAT incl., excl. Shipping costs

Security-webbing, Polyester, 50mm
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Security-webbing, Polyester, 50mm Security-webbing, Polyester, 50mm


  • Standard article
  • Roll article

This webbing didn't comply with the very high standards of the automobile-industry. But it's still far fom second choice and ideal for bags, luggage etc.. Very soft, smooth touch, slightly visible stripes as known from security-belts in cars. Works well with most buckles except "CamLock 50mm with adapting locking" and "Lever buckle, stainless steel, 50 mm" (the webbing slips under load).

Properties: 100% Polyester
Width: app. 50 mm (between 46 and 50mm)
Thickness: 1mm
Weight: ca. 54 g/m
Tear-strength: app. 2200 daN/ 2243kg

We receive regular re-supply of this article. Since its no standard article by the manufacturer, colour, touch, weight and pattern can vary form order to order. Please keep in mind when re-ordering.

Price per meter

black 1,40 EUR Available
beige 1,40 EUR Available
yellow 1,40 EUR Available
grey 1,40 EUR Available
royal blue 1,40 EUR Available
orange 1,40 EUR Available
red 1,40 EUR Low amount available
white 0,90 EUR Available
Security-webbing, Polyester, 50mm NC_WISHLIST

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